Flint River Ranch brings the goodness of oven –baking to your dog’s food in a highly digestible, very palatable, concentrated foods.  As the food is concentrated, you can feed less and maintain the proper nutritional value.  All the ingredients are human-grade quality and come from USDA plants and mills.  No Chemical preservatives

( Ethoxyquin, BHT, BHA) or animal byproducts are added to any of the foods.


Many pet foods are extruded, which stream cooks the food at a very high temperature for a short period of time, often creating a crunchy exterior but may leave the inside undercooked.  This exterior coating traps water and is difficult for your dog to breakdown, which may result in bloating issues.  In contract, Flint River Ranch twice oven bakes foods to bake in the goodness and natural flavors of the ingredients that dogs love.  There is no sprayed-on-coating or tough exterior to break through—the nutrition is readily available for the dog’s  body to use.


Why twice oven-baked the dog food? 


  1)  This process helps transform the ingredients naturally into an

       easier-to-digest food that allows your pets to rapidly absorb the

       nutrients and readily use them for energy  and muscle building. 


  2)  Hard-to-digest starches are converted into easily-absorbed dextrins;    

      chelated minerals are readily assimilated by your pet through amino

      acid digestion


  3)  Concentrated, top-quality ingredients aren’t hidden in fillers—all

      enabling your pet to get the most out of his or her meals. 


  4) And, dogs and cats love the flavor and crunchy texture of the foods!



Visit the Flint River Ranch web site today and get more information on the foods available.  Under the Order Now option you will see a list of all the food and get a list of the ingredients.











We at Chance Tibetan Terriers have been feeding Flint River Ranch to our Champion dogs for over 10 years.  All our puppies are sent to their new homes with a bag of FRR to insure a good start to their new lives.  Try this product—your dog will love it.

Chance Tibetan Terriers

Flint River Ranch

Photograph by Perry Phillips Photography

American & Canadian Champion

Grande Puerto Rico Champion

Chance’s GunSmoke



Dillon only eats Flint River Ranch Original oven-baked Food

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